Which Regions Bring the Highest Price?

The graph below shows the result of organizing NADA’s CY 2012 retail sales data for sleeper tractors into region. The analysis is an attempt to show the relative difference in value placed on trucks sold in each region.
For reference, the average sleeper tractor retailed in the US in 2012 was a MY 2007 aerodynamic truck with a large raised-roof sleeper, just over 450HP, and a 10-speed manual transmission. That truck sold for $49,086 and had 547,881 miles.

We adjusted for mileage and model year differences between region, but there are a few factors to consider:
First, trucks sold in the CA and Desert Southwest regions were notably newer than those in other regions. In fact, there were no sleeper tractors older than MY 2005 reported sold from either region. This is most likely due to the stringent emissions requirements for trucks operating in that region. Our age adjustment came into play here, but this is still a factor to keep in mind.

Deviation from Average Nationwide Retail Selling Price All Sleeper Tractors Reported sold in CY 2012Second, trucks sold in the Mountain region tended to have a higher level of spec. In addition, this region represented the highest concentration of traditionally-styled owner-operator trucks. This factor is logical, given the need for higher-horsepower engines for trucks operating in mountain States. We did not adjust our results for specs.

Finally, you may note that the New England region is not represented in the graph. NADA does not receive a robust amount of sleeper tractor sales from that region. We are always looking to expand our network of reporting dealers. Anyone who wishes to report sales to us is invited to contact cvisser@nada.org.

In sum, the actual dollar variance between the highest and lowest regions would likely be lower if every possible variable was accounted for. At the same time, we are confident in the relative rankings of each region as they stand.